Adrian Blair(non-registered)
I can't wait to go back to Fort McMurray and show your pictures that I got. Amazing stuff.
Pam Collins(non-registered)
Beautiful photos Phil! Lovely composition and colour....and yes, your love of nature shows through serene
April Murphy(non-registered)
Beautiful, Phil !
Hmmmm. Ok I see this is comments for the guestbook, not for individual photos. Would it be possible to annotate each photo with a page number?
Kevin Nowell(non-registered)
Nice job Phil. Love the school stuff.
What a great site the difficult part...which ones do I choose. Glad you finally took this step and I wish you every success. Keep the photos coming.
justin goldsmith(non-registered)
To take a picture is one thing, but the talant you have capture an image the way you do is something very few people have.It`s easy to see in your work that you enjoy what you do.please don`t stop.
love the site Phil love the contrast in pictures that you used. It's about time
Bradley Tucker(non-registered)
Phil the site looks great. I am glade to see you have taken this step.

To All who this: I am a REALTOR and have hired Phil different time to take the picture of my listing before I put them up online. I will continue to have Phil take this picture as I and my sellers are very please with the work.

Way to go Phill.
Kevin Puddy(non-registered)
Wow! Great photos! This seems like a great way to showcase of your talent.
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