Thank you for visiting my site.

I've been asked numerous times if I had a site where my work can be viewed and purchased. My answer was always 'No' except for a well known social site.

Well, I've finally taken the bit between my teeth and created one.

If anyone shares my vision and is considering purchasing my work, you can contact me via this site. Payments can be made through paypal. Various formats are available including posters. Please be aware that cropping of photos may be necessary depending on the format (size) chosen. I do my best to maintain the spirit of the composition and will clear any cropping choices with the customer before finalizing any orders.

Photos of interest can be indicated by the name of the album and the number of the photo along with a brief description.

Otherwise please feel free to stay and browse through my work. I hope you find some that are enjoyable.

Please note that while I will consider special assignments, I have chosen not to do wedding or engagement shoots.

Thank you once again.

Phil Bourgeois